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  • We provide consultation service if clients contact us. The industry situation, potential purchasing

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  • Speaking of choosing a hydraulic cylinder, we usually make the decision according to the inner diameter, stroke, working pressure, and mounting type. Actually, there are a few more tips we should keep in mind.

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Zhenhua Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Add.: No. 7, Tianshun Road, Dongqing Industrial Park, Zhenlu District, Yangshan Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel.: +86-510-83690000
Fax.: +86-510-83691767
Contact person (General Manager): Yang Haiyan

Hydraulic Cylinder, Piston Rod, Cylinder Tube Manufacturer

ZHENHUA Machinery has been a quality standard since 1987. Our piston rod, cylinder tube, and other fine products are guaranteed to perform with efficiency and consistency. Remember to browse our full catalogue for great deals and savings!

Main Products
    1. Single Action Hydraulic Cylinder

      We aim at extending the machine's service life and reducing the maintenance requirements. It is suitable for construction machines, and some machines in mining and metallurgy industries.

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    1. Double Action Hydraulic Cylinder

      The double-acting cylinder has precise inner diameter, light weight and compact structure. Various kinds of mounting type are available, while it is easy to change the type.

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    1. Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

      The telescopic cylinder we designed has rational structure, reliable and stable performance. It also easy to assemble, detach and repair this product. Our telescopic hydraulic cylinder is mainly used for cases in which the stroke is long, while the mounting distance ...

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    1. Double Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

      This mechanical actuator is suitable for the hydraulic systems in the engineering machine, transportation machinery, ship mechanism, metallurgy equipment, and mining machinery.

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    1. Piston Rod

      Our piston rod can be directly used for hydraulic cylinder, air cylinder and shock absorber. We have introduced advanced precise cold drawing and high precision polishing for the production.

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    1. Cylinder Tube

      Zhenhua has been focusing on cylinder tube production for a long time. We provide different kinds of product processed by different ways. The raw materials are from famous steel companies in cities like Shanghai, Tianjin.

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  • Environmental Protection
  • Acid washing is one of processing steps that can produce sewage. Zhenhua has purchased a set of sewage treatment equipment to cope with the pollution.
    We used to have more than 70 honing machines, which have low productivity, high energy consumption and produce serious pollution. However, these problems are effectively taken care of by developing our CNC skiving and roller burnishing machine.

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