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Single Action Hydraulic Cylinder

Zhenhua dedicates itself to becoming a first-class industrial hydraulic cylinder manufacturer. We provide standard and special hydraulic cylinders, including single action hydraulic cylinder, and the diameter of the cylinder usually comes from 40 to 1,000 mm, and a single stroke can reach 15 m. We are glad to provide OEM service for bespoke cylinders. We aim at extending the machine's service life and reducing the maintenance requirements.

The most frequently used hydraulic cylinders include plunger cylinder and piston cylinder. The piston can only provide power for one-way movement, while the reverse movement depends on self-weight, pressure or external force (e.g. spring). Basically, the single action hydraulic cylinder has only one effective action area. This type of hydraulic cylinder can only produce thrust due to its special technical structure, so it is suitable for construction machines, and some machines in mining and metallurgy industries.

Cylinder diameter: φ40-φ320 mm
Rod diameter: φ20-φ300 mm
Installation: flange-type or ring-type
Piston treatment: hard chrome plating, quenching and hard chrome plating
Rod end connecting type: internal thread, external thread or cylinder lug boss
Working pressure: 7Mpa, 16Mpa, 25Mpa
Working medium: mineral oil, organic phosphate, emulsified liquid, and
Imported hydraulic fluid port: tread type or flange type

Note: The parameters above are regular single action hydraulic cylinder. We also provide bespoke products according to clients' requirements.

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