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Double Action Hydraulic Cylinder

Double action hydraulic cylinder has a port at both ends, provided with hydraulic fluid for both of the retraction process and extension process. Our cylinder has been subjected to cold drawing, skiving and roller burnishing. Steel pipes with different thickness are chosen according to the working pressure. The double-acting cylinder has precise inner diameter, light weight and compact structure. Various kinds of mounting type are available, while it is easy to change the type. The cylinder has great performance at low speed. The pressure ranges from 3.5 MPa to 31.5 Mpa.

Our design is highly reliable in terms of safety, even in harsh working conditions. It is easy to repair this product. The proper connecting way between the cylinder head and barrel makes the assembling and detaching quite convenient.

This double action hydraulic cylinder is in line with ISO 3320 and widely used for machine tools or in fields like engineering, construction, forging, agricultural machinery, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical engineering, shipbuilding, water conservancy, and so on.

Cylinder diameter: φ40-φ320 mm
Rod diameter: φ20-φ300 mm
Installation: flange-type or earring-type, hinged shaft, supporting leg
Piston treatment: hard chrome plating, quenching and hard chrome plating
Rod end: internal thread, external thread or cylinder lug boss, spherical hinge knuckle bearing, liner knuckle bearing
Working pressure: 7Mpa, 16Mpa, 25Mpa or 31.5Mpa
Working medium: mineral oil, organic phosphate, emulsified liquid, and water/ glycol solution
Imported hydraulic fluid port: tread type or flange type

Note: The parameters above are regular ones. The practical parameters will be designed according to clients' requirements.

Thank you for your interest in our double action hydraulic cylinder. If you need more information such as the models and prices of our heavy load hydraulic cylinders, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

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