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    1. Forklift Hydraulic CylinderThis type of hydraulic cylinder can only produce thrust due to its special technical structure, so it is suitable for construction machines, and some machines in mining and metallurgy industries.
    1. Crane Hydraulic CylinderThis product is widely used for the telescopic boom in the crane, and some parts like dumping device in the automobile, trailer, street washer.
    1. Excavator Hydraulic CylinderOur design is highly reliable in terms of safety, even in harsh working conditions. The proper connecting way between the cylinder head and barrel makes the assembling and detaching quite convenient.
    1. Lathe Hydraulic CylinderThis double action hydraulic cylinder is in line with ISO 3320 and widely used for machine tools or in fields like engineering, construction, forging, agricultural machinery, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical engineering ...
    1. Street Washer Hydraulic CylinderOur telescopic hydraulic cylinder is mainly used for cases in which the stroke is long, while the mounting distance or total length is short (the stroke could be longer than the mounting distance or total length).
    1. Loader Hydraulic CylinderOur cylinder has been subjected to cold drawing, skiving and roller burnishing. Steel pipes with different thickness are chosen according to the working pressure. The cylinder has precise inner diameter, light weight and compact structure.
    1. Scissor Lift Hydraulic CylinderWe provide standard and special hydraulic cylinders, including single action hydraulic cylinder, and the diameter of the cylinder usually comes from 40 to 1,000 mm, and a single stroke can reach 15 m.

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