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    1. Single Action Hydraulic Cylinder

      We aim at extending the machine's service life and reducing the maintenance requirements. It is suitable for construction machines, and some machines in mining and metallurgy industries.

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    1. Double Action Hydraulic Cylinder

      The double-acting cylinder has precise inner diameter, light weight and compact structure. Various kinds of mounting type are available, while it is easy to change the type.

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    1. Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

      The telescopic cylinder we designed has rational structure, reliable and stable performance. It also easy to assemble, detach and repair this product. Our telescopic hydraulic cylinder is mainly used for cases in which the stroke is long, while the mounting distance ...

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    1. Double Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

      This mechanical actuator is suitable for the hydraulic systems in the engineering machine, transportation machinery, ship mechanism, metallurgy equipment, and mining machinery.

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Hydraulic Cylinder

Zhenhua is one of the professional hydraulic cylinder suppliers in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. We have more than 20 years of experience in the research, development and manufacturing of linear hydraulic motor. We can develop different kinds of cylinder with a diameter of 40-1000 mm and the maximum stroke of as long as 15 m. Our hydraulic devices, such as single action hydraulic cylinder, double action hydraulic cylinder, telescopic hydraulic cylinder, are widely used in excavator, forklift, crane, and so on.

Besides, we can develop special models on request. Different kinds of special solutions, especially the solutions for certain production sections, and technical supports are also available, so that we can make sure that the cylinders we designed and produced can completely meet client's needs.

A hydraulic cylinder is a drive component which can convert the power from pressurized hydraulic oil into the power for linear movements, so that the target mobile machines can achieve back-and-forth movements. Our products have simple structure, large power output, reliable and stable performance, convenient maintenance procedure, and wide applications.

Main Component Quality Control
Cylinder tube. Suitable material is adopted according to the cylinder's application. After proper pretreatment, skiving and roller burnishing, the tube can achieve great smoothness and toughness. The mechanical property and sealing elements' service lives are thus enhanced. Hydraulic oil port and flanges are usually needed to be added to the tubes by welding, which tends to lead deformation. However, we weld the parts right after the cold drawing of the pipes. Then the inner bore will be honed and roller burnished. Thus we can guarantee the great roundness and deformation resistance of the cylinder tube.

Piston rod. We will choose appropriate carbon steel or alloy steel according the cylinder's application. On the basis of high performance heat treatment, the rod's surface is subjected to hard chrome plating, nickel plating, and burnishing. Then the surface smoothness and anti-corrosion performance are improved and the rod's service life will be extended.

Sealing element. We have stable and reliable suppliers for the sealing elements, which are all imported components, so that the long service life and desirable working performance of the hydraulic cylinders are guaranteed. We can also choose certain brand of sealing element as client appointed.

Flow sheet for assembly
Cleaning → rechecking → burnishing → assembling → pressure trial → painting → packaging → delivery

Being aware of the application condition, working pressure, mounting distance, we can design suitable products for you. If you have any other requests, please contact us.