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Piston Rod

Our piston rod can be directly used for hydraulic cylinder, air cylinder and shock absorber. We have introduced advanced precise cold drawing and high precision polishing for the production. Every parameter of our hydraulic cylinder parts is up to the national standards.

The piston rod is widely used for textile printing and dyeing, printing machine's guiding rails, die casting machine, ejection molding machine's rails and ejector pin, and the guide pillar of the four-pillar type hydraulic cylinder.

According to the applications, we choose suitable carbon steel or alloy steel for this cylinder rod. On the basis of high performance heat treatment, we have introduced hard chrome plating and nickel plating techniques, and high speed polishing treatment. The surface smoothness and anti-corrosion performance are enhanced. Then the service life of the piston rod is extended.

Rod diameter φ20-φ1000
Material CK45 , 2Cr13 , 40Cr
Surface treatment No treatment, chrome plating, nickel plating, or phosphorus plating
Other The specified length depends on the size of the cylinder
Technical parameter
Diameter Ф6-Ф12 Ф36-Ф25 Ф50-Ф90 Ф100-Ф200 Ф105-Ф1000
Length 800-2000 800-3000 800-5000 1000-7000 1000-9000
Roughness Ra0.1-0.2
Surface Hardness Higher than HRC55
Roundness tolerance GB/T 1184Grade 9, f7, f8, f9
Overall length tolerance GB1100IT Grade
Tempered rod hardness HB220-260
Surface condition Untreated, chrome/nickel/phosphorus plated<
Straightness 0.15/1000
Chrome plating thickness 0.03-0.05
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