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Cylinder Tube

Zhenhua has been focusing on cylinder tube production for a long time. We provide different kinds of product processed by different ways. The raw materials are from famous steel companies in cities like Shanghai, Tianjin. Long term relationship has been developed between Zhenhua and these suppliers, so we have certain advantages in terms of material price and quality.

Before the delivery by sea, we will spread rust-preventative oil in the cylinder tube and seal the hole with bubble wrap to avoid rust. So clients can receive flawless cylinder barrel.

Accuracy control
To get accurate cylinder component, we have purchased advanced processing facilities, such as 350T cold drawing unit, large hole boring mill, advanced CNC skiving and roller burnishing machine. Specifically, the CNC skiving and roller burnishing machine adopts a world-class advanced technology combination of skiving and roller burnishing. Thus the IT grade could reach IT8. The surface roughness could reach Ra 0.1-0.4 μm.

Material parameter
Item Material Standard Product status
Domestic market 20# 45# 16Mn 25Mn 27SiMn GB/T 3639-2009 BK+S/BK
Q345B, Q345D, Q345E
Oversea market ST45 CK45 ST52 / / DIN2391EN 10204: 2004EN 10305-1: 2002
Tube Size (contact us if other sizes are needed)
Tube Diameter (mm ) Length (m) Straightness Tolerance Internal roughness
Cold drawn pipe φ30-360/φ1 1/4" -φ14" ≤13 0.5-1/1000 H10-H11 1.6
Honed pipe φ40-1000/φ1 1/2" -φ40" ≤13 0.5-1/1000 H8-H9 0.8
Skived and roller burnished pipe φ63-360/φ2 1/2" -φ14" ≤13 0.5-1/1000 H8 0.05-0.2

Material test
Each kind of material, from its coming in the plant to every processing step, for different batches of cylinder tube will be determined by a arrange of tests mainly including metallographic test, tension test and impact test.

  • Tension test
  • Polishing machine for
    metallographic test
  • Metallographic photo
  • Impact test equipment

Traceability system
We press steel seal and batch number in the tube's surface, so that we can track the performance and every processing step of our product.

To avoid flaws, such as tube deformation, caused during the delivery, we use a forklift for the loading operation, while steel band is used to wrap the cylinder tube. Besides, we have bespoke wood boxes or iron boxes to case relatively shorter barrels.

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