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Bespoke hydraulic cylinder production procedure
1. Background information

Zhenhua was founded in 1990. Our hydraulic cylinder annual production capacity is more than 40,000 set. They are widely used for engineering machinery, port machinery, cranes, mining machines, metallurgy equipment, mobile garages, and so on. Different kinds of bespoke products are available in line with your requirements.

2. Design
We have several senior design engineers, who are well qualified for designing and blueprint revising. We can provide excellent service for clients both with and without blueprint.
(1) Client with blueprint. We will make sure if we are able to produce the products that the blueprint describes. If we can do it, we will start the production immediately. If we cannot produce according to the blueprint and moderate modification is allowed, we will modify the blueprint under client's approval. Then the manufacturing will begin.

(2) Client without blueprint. We will consult the client for the requirements for the product. Then we come up with a preliminary solution for customer to confirm. After further adjustment, we begin to arrange the production.

3. Quatation.

4. Produciton.
(1). Compose the purchase and production schedule according to the delivery time.

(2). Purchase materials and components according to the related requirements.

(3). Make plans and establish standards for production techniques and quality tests.

(4). Conduct quality tests on the purchased components and materials.

(5). Start production according to the blueprint.

(6). Quality Test

(7). Assemble the products and get them subjected to test run according to the blueprint.

(8). Surface painting

5. Packaging
Generally, our hydraulic cylinder will be wrapped with foam material and then cased by internationally commonly used wood cage. Custom packaging is also available—custom packaging solution is usually demonstrated on the blueprint.

6. Shipping
We usually send the products to a certain place (port usually, e.g. Shanghai Port) at a certain time on request. If client has special requirements, we can contact a shipping company to deliver the products to an overseas port, while client has to take care of the shipping in his country.

The information we need.
1. CNC skiving and roller burnishing machine
We need to know the inner diameter, outer diameter, and the length of the tube that you want to produce, as well as the working allowance of the tube inner bore.

2. Hydraulic cylinder
Client should provide the external view, mounting distance, stroke distance, working pressure, working situation, cylinder diameter, rod diameter, and some other detail information. The more parameters we know, the more suitable products we can provide. If you have any other requirements, please let me know.

3. Cylinder tube
We need to know the inner diameter, outer diameter, tube length, as well as the inner diameter precision and inner bore roughness. If you have other requirements, we can discuss about that.

4. Piston rod
You should let us know the rod diameter, length, surface treatment method, surface hardness, and so on.