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We provide consultation service if clients contact us. The industry situation, potential purchasing amount, and procurement period are usually needed so that we can provide considerate service.

Production schedule tracking service
We will keep you informed about the production schedule, to assure you that the production is in line with the contract.

Order modification
Sometimes client needs to modify the order. We will try to make adjustment according to client's requirement.

Shipping service
For some special clients, we can take care of the shipping service for them.


Make the right choice
Speaking of choosing a hydraulic cylinder, we usually make the decision according to the inner diameter, stroke, working pressure, and mounting type. Actually, there are a few more tips we should keep in mind. Firstly, when the movement speed of a loaded cylinder reaches a certain point, a buffering device is needed in the hydraulic cylinder. A deceleration valve is needed if the speed is even higher. Secondly, proper hydraulic oil and oil seal are important. The type of oil seal should be chosen according to the hydraulic oil, so that cylinder's service life can be extended.

Correct usage
1. When choosing the cylinder diameter, rod diameter and pressure, we should take the hydraulic system pressure and pressure loss into consideration. The pressure is controlled by a pressure regulating valve.

2. Before the cylinder starts to work, it should operate back and forth driven by a low pressure that is higher than the start-up pressure, and then open the one way vent valves at both ends of the cylinder in turn to expel all the air in the cylinder.

3. The joints at the inlet and outlet oil ports should come with obturating ring assembly to avoid the oil leakage.

4. The working medium should not contain any impurities, avoiding inner wall scratches or seal damages, which can cause inside and outside oil leakage.